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screw coMPACToR - SERCOMP +



Inclined version of the SERCOMP in order to enchance the dryness of refusals with new design features.
A ribbon Archimedes screw pushes and presses the refusals through Ø3 m perforated metal sheet of the compacting strainer. At the end of it, a back pressure gate maintains the refusals until it forces its opening.
The drained water is gathered and then headed towards the pump station.


The SERCOMP+ compactor are composed of the following features :

Casing made of stainless steel sheet with a opening corresponding to the working width of the sieve.
In its lower part, a polyethylene double lining reduces frictions and the wear of the screw.

Draining area in the lower part of the screw ensuring drains gathering – this preliminary area is helped by the inclination (around 5°) of the screw.

Compacting area with only one upper door containing the draining drum (strainer) with Ø3 mm perforated metal sheet : length of 500 mm.
In its upper part, the strainer is over-mounted by a wetting ramp.
In its lower part, this area includes a tubular pipe to retrieve drained water from compacting and leads it to the draining area where a second pipe will evacuates all drained water from the compactor.

Two diameters available for our Archimedes high-gauge steel screw :150 or 200 mm, according to refusals capacity.


SERCOMP+ compactors are usually installed after screening or sieving equipment, in order to reduce the volume of the refusals and their content of water.
For urban application only, SERCOMP+ ensures a 50% reduction of the volume and a 30 % minimum (35% performance target) of refusals dryness.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.

Inclination of the screw to convoy wastes higher.
Extension of the screw to convoy wastes further.

Automatic bagging system.