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statiC SIEVE - sertis


The SERTIS allows a tangential filtration, which presents many hydrodynamic advantages. The filtering grid, triangular section wires, is here not placed vertically but horizontally.

The liquid flow arrives by a higher outfall: it takes initially a certain speed while passing on a full sheet, and then arrives on the filtering panel.
Under the effect of the kinetic energy acquired in the first S part of the descent, the solid particles tend to descend "straight", while water does not have any difficulty for a "90° degree turn to cross the grid.


The SERTIS sieve consists of the following features :

A standard stainless steel casing, 3 mm thickness of steel, with supply section and an internal fusgate towards the grid.

The grid is triple folded parts, mounted on a support 180 degree titling for easy manual cleaning.
Openings available from 500 µm à 2 mm.

A double unclogging ramp is set on the equipment, with an effect on the first third of the grid (periodical manual cleaning required after long operation period).


This technology works with the best filtration mode (tangential), perfect for delicate and flow-able particles as : cheese fines, stercoral matter, hog manure, straw form farm, etc.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Integral front cover.
SERVIS conveyor or ECOCOMP, SERCOMP, SERCOMP+ compactor equipped with automatic bagging system.