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In our conveyors, the Archimedes screw ensuring the transfer does not have a central axis. It is made of high-gauge steel, with such mechanical resistance than it can works while pulling or pushing.
Bound on a side to the geared motor by an axis, it is free on the other side.

This configuration is used in the construction of our compactors SERCOMP and sand classifiers SERSAB.


Our range consists of 8 models of SERVIS conveyors, 150 to 600 mm diameters and a polyethylene double lining with 8 mm thickness.

A polyethylene lining ensures a soft support and avoids the galvanic coupling with the stainless steel constituting the trough.

Screw threads can be square or reduced (following the inclination), some design features are variable : screw length, number of inlet/outlet, foot supports (rotary metal frame or balls bearing), rotation speed.


SERVIS allows to convoy screening and sieving refusals, sand, sludge, etc.. but not floating matter as grease or oil so we can find at the output of any degreaser or DAF unit.
Usually installed next to any discharge chute of any screen, sieve, belt filter press, centrifuge etc...
The absence of a central axis decreases the risks of clogging, particularly with fibrous matters.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Several screw versions : horizontal, inclined, symmetric or asymmetric, on rotary frame with steel foot or on ball bearing (to be set on a concrete basement).
Screw extension (10 m and more) and inclination (35-40 degrees max).
Several receiving hopper fitting to the output of previous equipment.
Double discharge chute on each extremity of the screw.
Intermediates outputs along the screw with pneumatic command