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The SERSAB LAV has a specific double-function.
First, it is a separator in which sand particles sediment out whereas clean water is gathered in the higher part through a circular outlet weir.
Furthermore, it is also a particles scrubber or cleaner. Once dispensed with organic matter, particles are extracted at the bottom with an Archimedes screw, with a tilt angle of 45°.

This compacted machine enables to capture, clean and extract 90 % of mineral particles (sand grains) bigger than > 0,2 mm diameter. Extracted sand would contain less than 5 % of organic matter content and 85 % dryness.


Casing and screw trough made of stainless steel sheet :

Main hopper is cylindrical-conical, its lower part supplies the extraction screw. Inlet and outlet pipes are provided with flanges. All the higher part is covered by screwed protection.

The sand extraction is done by a high-thickness and high-gauge Archimedes screw, driven by a the geared motor. A 45° tilt ensures the evacuation of sand

The equipment is equipped with 4 support feet.


A scrubber-classifier is generally installed after a biphasic or triphasic separator as DAR degreasers or DAF units.
Our range consists of 2 models which treatment capacities are 30 to 50 m3/h, for respectively 600 to 1200 L/h sand flow extraction.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Extension of the screw for better sand dryness at the discharge chute.
Hydrocyclone set onto the inlet.