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Two specific equipments have been design for drain matter or sludge products :


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Pack Curage with hook supply

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SERCOURB MDV appears as a curve screen SERCOURB installed in its stainless steel casing, its scraping system has been reinforced and is associated with an inclined compactor in order to reduce the volume of refusals.
We offer 3 models for this compactor, according to the height of discharge you need.
For a 10 mm screen opening, our range consists of two SERCOURB MDV models :
  • 100-50 model for 60 m3/h flow rate
  • 100-100 model for 120 m3/h flow rate

PACK CURAGE is designed for sludge screening.
Specially adapted for a grappling hook supply, the feeding hopper receives all the grapple content and regulates the matter flow towards the filtering drum by means of an Archimedes ribbon screw, leading to the lower part of the rotary drum (SERTROM).
The filtrate consisting of sandy water goes through the openings and flows in a buffer hopper right under the drum, while the waste products are convoyed towards the outlet, by means of an internal helicoidal tape.
We offer once again two models with two volumes of supplying hopper (300 or 600 L).