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dissolved air flotation (DAF) UNITS and pressurization system

Our range of DAF units is composed of two models, one cylindrical-conical CY and one longitudinal T :


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Our FLOT CY units present the same tank design features as our degreasers DAR. The air dissolved flotation process requires micro bubbles formation : so air diffuser turbines have been substituted by complete pressurization system for this "white water" production.Both DAF units are equipped with the same pressurization system.

So air is dissolved into water under pressure. This pressurized water is then injected right into the raw water inlet before it reaches the clifford (mixing area, contact zone). At the end of our pressurization line, an expansion device generates micro bubbles (10 to 100 µm size). These bubbles will encounter particles (suspended matter, greases, oil) to be stick with, within the clifford. By density difference with water, these new agglomerates or flocs will rise towards the liquid surface to be scraped and evacuated from the tank (through a grease discharge chute).

Meanwhile, sediments will fall down at the bottom of the tank before being periodically evacuated as well. Hydrostatic pressure from the tank will trigger the flushing action at the opening of the purge valve.
For FLOT T,a motorized Archimedes screw will help purging the sediments.

Pressurization kit

This is our "white water" production system, supplied by the outlet box for clear water before being reinjected into the DAF unit.
Air injection is autonomous, thanks to the pump discharge action. An optional pneumatic panel gives a compressed air help supply but it is already included for bigger models (from 30 m3/h). The renaming features of the kit are a pressurization flask with exceed air purge, a pressure gauge to monitor the target pressure, expansion device to generate micro bubbles. A frost protection entire box is optional for this pressurization kit.
It also can be sold separately, to enhance up a degreaser io DAF for example.

Coagulation-flocculation tube (optional)

Mixing coil composed of PVC pressure or stainless steel pipes and bends, all supported on a metal frame. Diameter and length of features are designed to respect a residence time of one minute.
The equipment is equipped with tapped stitchings for coagulant or/and flocculant injection, followed by static mixers.

Polymer preparation station (optional)

This equipment is set on stainless structure and ensures an automatic preparation of polymer (volumetric dispenser, maturation tank, level probes, mechanical stirrer) from emulsion polymer.