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Rectangular DAR units are longitudinal separators of flow throughput.

The pressurization system is set on the recirculation of clear water outlet box. So air is dissolved into water thanks to the pump suction. This pressurized water is then injected right into the raw water inlet before it reaches the clifford (mixing area, contact zone). At the end of our pressurization line, an expansion device generates micro bubbles (10 to 100 µm size). These bubbles will encounter particles (suspended matter, greases, oil) to be stick with, within the clifford. By density difference with water, these new agglomerates or flocs will rise towards the liquid surface to be scraped and evacuated from the tank (through a grease discharge chute).

Meanwhile, sediments will accumulate on the sloping bottom of the tank. A geared Archimedes screw will convoy them towards the purge valve, then hydrostatic pressure will trigger the flushing action when it opens periodically.


The entire flow crosses a lamellar pack set at the head of the DAF unit.

FLOT T unit is so equipped with its pressurization kit and surface scraping system (two stainless steel chains with polyethylene rollers, stainless steel bearings, full-width polyethylene scraper blade) and also its own electrical control panel (manual and automatic commands, motor safety devices, adjustable delays time for scraping).

A geared Archimedes screw will convoy sediments to the purge valve.


  • COD : 25 to 35 % (up to 70 % with chemical treatment)
  • SST : 60 % (up to 95 % with chemical treatment)
  • Undissolved greases: 70 to 90 % (up to 95 % with chemical treatment)
  • Floating dryness : 6 to 12 % (adjustable monitoring scraping time).
  • Floating flow rate : 0.5 to 1 % of nominal flow, and 5 to 10 % with chemical treatment.


Food-industry, chemical industry, slaughterhouse, canning factory, dairy, paper manufacturing.
Because of its full-width scrapers and Archimedes screw for sediments, the FLOT T is really suitable for important flow rates and highly loaded raw water with organic matter and greases.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Doubling of scraping capacity for high amounts of grease and SST to be treated.
Frost protection structure for the pressurization kit.
Commissioning and training service.

Operation platform with guardrail, accessible by a ladder or a stair with guardrail.
Pre-treatment screen or sieve placed on the platform.
Sand classifier at the arrival of the sediments purge valve.
Mixing coil
for coagulation-flocculation process.
Polymer preparation station set up-stream of the mixing coil.