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The filtering rotating drum SERTROM consists in stainless steel perforated sheet. The raw water is introduced into the interior part of the drum via a double chute distributor. The filtrate crosses the openings, while the drained products are brought towards the output by an internal helicoid ribbon.
The productivity and dryness depend on the feeding rate, the nature and the flocculation conditioning of the sludge.


These thickener drums SERTROM NB are all covered, all parts in direct contact with sludge are made of stainless steel or plastic matter. The new generation of 6 to 8° inclined SERTROM allows an optimal draining of flocculated sludge.


Our range of drums has a wide capacity of sludge treatment (8 to 360kg MS/h).
An internal helicoid ribbon of 100 mm height and 100 mm thread allows to obtain the finest residence time for sludge thickening and ensures its evacuation.

The cleaning system consists of two water spray ramps with flat jet nozzles installed outside the filter, protected by an anti- projection metal sheet.


It is designed to have a good effluent distribution on the surface of the drum. It consists of a box with a double discharge chute, which distributes the flow into the drum. This arrangement allows a water distribution on a large filtering surface and gives an effect of tangential filtration.


Directly inspired from FU version : drum is carried by 2 plastic wheels on the entrance side and an axis on bearing on the exit side, with direct drive from the geared motor set on the axle with a torque arm.
The rotation speed is adjustable with a mechanical variable speed geared motor, ensuring an optimal draining of the flocculated sludge.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Electrical control panel.
Lateral footbridge for exploitation
SERVIS conveyor below the output..