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The filtering rotating drum SERTROM consists in stainless steel perforated sheet. The raw water is introduced into the interior part of the drum via a double chute distributor. The filtrate crosses the openings, while the drained products are brought towards the output by an internal helicoid ribbon.
An overflow part avoids the risk of spillage of the wastes through the outlet chute.


This new generation of 6 to 8° inclined SERTROM allows an optimal draining of refusals.

Diameter and length are determined according to the flow rate to be treated, slot and application. We propose 8 standard models adapted for flow rates from 20 to 350 m3/h. The slot is determined according the application, from 800 µm to 20 mm.

The cleaning system consists of two water spray ramps with flat jet nozzles installed outside the filter, protected by an anti- projection metal sheet.

According to applications, the drum is :

Either carried by 2 plastic wheels on the entry side and an axis on bearing on the exit side, with direct drive from the geared motor set on the axis with a torque arm.
Applied for FU version.

Either carried and maintained by 6 plastic wheels and driven by rack-and pinion, solution which leaves the drum outlet absolutely open.
Applied for FI version.


This FU version is usually used for urban raw waters and FI version for  more industrials ones (cross-driving absence for easy maintenance).

Furthermore, a drum with perforated metal sheet would be more efficient to filter sand water with bulky objects or to retrieve amounts of feathers from poultry slaughterhouse.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Electrical control panel.
Lateral footbridge for exploitation
For lower Ø3 mm openings, external cylindrical brush

ECOCOMP, SERCOMP, SERCOMP+ compactor equipped with automatic bagging system.