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Originally designed to be placed in a gravity-fed channel, it is now presented within a closed casing, to be fed by pump discharge, same way as the SERTAM.
ThIsrotating sieve separates continuously solid particles in suspension in a fluid. The flow is distributed on a filtering drum; the particles larger than the openings are retained then scraped away and recovered.
However, it does not include an over-flow weir..


The filtering drum is made of stainless steel triangular section wires (Johnson's mesh): this wire allows a very favourable hydrodynamic flow coefficient, from the exterior towards the interior. It facilitates the cleaning of the grid from the inside towards the outside.

Openings available are 0.25 to 2.5 mm.

The scraper is made out of a brass blade, fixed on a stainless steel articulated chute which position in relation to the drum, is manually adjusted.
The drive is ensured by a geared motor with a rotation speed adapted to the diameter of the drum. A variable speed motor is available as an optional extra.


ECOTAM as SERTAM have so many applications either in sewage treatment, process, in urban or industrial treatment plants (food industry- slaughterhouses - cheese dairies wine industry - etc).
This low-cost equipment is designed for low flow rates, up to 20 m3/h.
Its design is simple and rugged, operating without permanent monitoring and requires low maintenance.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Electrical control panel.
Internal cleaning ramp.
ECOCOMP, SERCOMP, SERCOMP+ compactor equipped with automatic bagging system.