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screw sieve - ECOtamvis


ECOTAMVIS screw sieves are installed in a channel or a housing. The raw water flows through the screen, and the solid matters stopped are extracted by an Archimedes screw without central axis until the upper outlet.
The purpose of this economical model ECOTAMVIS is to offer an adapted device for small installations, max 20 m3/h, with a lower cost than the SERTAMVIS model.


The unit has a lot in common with SERTAMVIS, it as well made of stainless steel, except the no-axis Archimedes screw, made of high section hard steel.

The sieve diameter is unique, 200 mm as its grid length, 500 mm.
Then, following the depth of the channel and the desired discharge height, the correct length is defined. Useful length varies by 0.5 m stretch, from 1.5 to 4 m.

From 0.5 to 2 mm openings, we use a half-cylindrical (225°) grid (Johnson's) with triangular section wires. For larger openings up to 15 mm, we use perforated metal sheet.

An articulated supporting foot, adjustable in height, blocks the position of the equipment and if necessary allows to raise it up for maintenance of the grid or the brush.


Based on a simpler design, ECOTAMVIS still have the same applications of SERTEL NVB because not vulnerable against big  refusals as rocks or sand, we adivse its application for small units of treatment in urban wastewater

It also has the advantage to offer a compacting device (with two spray nozzles for wetting the  matter) and enable to guarantee 20% dryness content on urban refusals.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Electrical control panel.
Stainless steel casing with secondary channel for bypass and manual screen.
Compacting area at the end of line
Discharge outlet with automatic bagging system.