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elevator sieve - ecotel


The ECOTEL has the purpose as the SERTEL NVB : designed to be installed in a channel or in a pit and works without preliminary rising of water.

This model was designed with the main objective of lowering its price compared to the SERTEL NVB, in order to be accessible for the small stations, up to 20 m3/h.


As said previously, ECOTEL is SERTEL NVB 's little brother

This specific construction has been achieved by choosing a single working width of 250 mm, inclined grid with 500 mm length, a lower motorization and by simplifying the chain tensioning system.
The other components are similar to the SERTEL NVB.

Our range consists of four limited models :1.5m (S), 2m (N), 2.5m (XL) and 3m (XXL).

Openings from 500 µm to 40 mm.


The screen sieves ECOTEL are used in wastewater treatment (urban, industrial, food industry effluents), slaughterhouse (very small units) and wine industry.
Easy to install, not cumbersome and requiring low maintenance.
Only designed for small units of treatments, with maximal flow rate of 20 m3/h.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Electrical control panel.
Installation stainless steel casing to be supplied by pump.
Installation stainless steel casing with secondary channel for bypass and manual screen.
ECOCOMP, SERCOMP, SERCOMP+ compactor equipped with automatic bagging system.