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curve screen - sercourb mdv


This equipment works the same way as SERCOURB.
ts curved grid stops the particles contained in the effluent, larger than the opening slot, before being scraped by rotary double arm.
Dredging drain matter needs a simple, robust and effective screening, with few consumable parts : here is the purpose of SERCOURB MDV.


Apparently the same features as SERCOURB design, completed by :

A stainless steel casing with 3 mm  thickness, already installed in its box for pump supplying. The unit is equipped with an entire protection cover, removable and opening up with gas spring assistance.

The removable curved grid, removable is made of 20x6 mm stainless steel curved barrels, set on edge.
Openings available : 10, 15 or 20 mm.

The scraping system is reinforced, now including a quadruple rotating arm (2 double arm both composed of 1 stainless steel comb and 1 rubber flap).

A SERCOMP compactor, Ø300 screw 25° inclined, is placed right under the discharge chute of the curve screen. At the bottom of the screw, a pricking is set to gather water from convoying and wetting ramp in the compacting strainer.


Our range consists of two models of SERCOURB MDV : 100-05 & 100-10 for respectively max flow rates of 60 and 120 m3/h.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.

Extension of the screw.

Automatic bagging system.