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pack curage


PACK CURAGE is designed for sludge screening.
Specially adapted for a grappling hook supply, the feeding hopper receives all the grapple content and regulates the matter flow towards the filtering drum by means of an Archimedes ribbon screw, leading to the lower part of the trommel (SERTROM). The pulp is diluted with an internal spraying ramp. The filtrate consisting of sandy water goes through the openings and flows in a buffer hopper right under the drum, while the waste products are convoyed towards the outlet, by means of an internal helicoidal tape.


The whole unit is made of stainless steel, except high-gauge Archimedes screw :


Adjustable for hook models (300 or 600 L).
In order to enable an optimal regulation of matter flow, there is a ribbon Archimedes screw at the bottom, driven by a variable speed geared motor.


Diameters et lengths are designed according to the slot, flow rate, application.
We offer 2 standard models : 600 mm and 900 mm.
Openings available : 5, 6, 7, 10 and 15 mm (perforated metal sheet).

An internal helicoid, 100 mm high and 200 mm screw thread, ensures solids convoying.
An internal dilution ramp, fosters the screening of sludge. 


Designed following the « diamond-shaped » geometry to limit sand sedimentation.
Equipped with unclogging pipe for sand water outlet and feet supports.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Coarse grid and capacity edges on feeding hopper
Electrical control panel.
Lateral footbridge for exploitation.
High level probe in the receiving hopper.
Solenoid valve plus manual valve on cleaning and dilution water ramp.
SERVIS conveyor after rotary drum.