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CURVE SCREEN - sercourb


This equipment works once again in a run-of-river installation.
Installed in a channel, its curved grid stops the particles contained in the effluent, larger than the opening slot.
These particles are then scraped and raised by a rotating double arm scraper towards the discharge chute, on the upper part of the grid. This last device is equipped with a flexible flap on one side and a scraper element to the other.


The SERCOURB curved sieves are composed of the following features :

A housing made of stainless steel with 3 mm thick sheet, can be set onto the top of the channel with its rectangular shaped frame.

The removable curved grid, following the kind of slot, consists of triangular section wires for 6 mm slot maximum, this profile allowing an optimal hydrodynamic flow. For larger slots it is made of  20x6 mm stainless steel curved barrels, set on edge.

The scraping system includes an double arm : on the one hand a rubber flap for coarse screening, and on the other hand a stainless steel comb mounted on a retractable support for next ejection.

A geared motor, floating mounted, drives the rotating arms.
A position sensor on the arm ensures its end of operation out of the water flow area.


The sieves or screens SERCOURB are used in wastewater treatment (urban most of all, industrial, food industry effluents).


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Electrical control panel.
Protection cover, wired or not.
Installation stainless steel casing to be supplied by pump.



Installation stainless steel casing with secondary channel for bypass and manual screen.
ECOCOMP, SERCOMP, SERCOMP+ compactor equipped with automatic bagging system.