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aerated-scraped degreaser - DAR


Our degreasers aerated DAR are cylinder-conical devices allowing to degrease and retrieve sand form wastewater.

A submerged turbine is placed into a clifford. The transition, between rotor and stator of the turbine, causes the division of the air into fine bubbles from 1 to 2 mm in diameter. These bubbles will rise within the liquid (density difference) and can attach to the particles they encounter (drops of grease and other) and drive them towards the surface.
A two pallets scraper sweeps the floating parts towards an evacuation chute.
Meanwhile, the sediments (sand and others) which can't stay suspended or being catch by micro bubbles, actually fall down and accumulate at the bottom of the tank. They will be extracted periodically at the straight opening of a purge valve.


DAR degreasers are composed of the following features :

A tank (cone+ferrule) made of stainless steel sheet with 3 mm thickness.
A clifford with cross holding.
A bubbles generator, according to models : bubble membrane diffuser (compressed air supply needed) or submerged turbine (self-contained air supply with pipe above the static level of liquid).
An outlet box for clear water equipped with adjustable weir.


This range has been historically designed for food-industry, but our DAR degreasers can now work on urban wastewater with higher flow rates (modifying the internal hydraulic for lesser residence time within the tank).
Positions of inputs and outputs can be adjustable on demand.


AISI 304 L standard construction, optional 316 L.
Operation platform with guardrail, accessible by a ladder or a stair with guardrail.
Pre-treatment screen or sieve placed on the platform.
Sand classifier at the arrival of the sediments purge valve.